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Aicraft Stands From old CDs

By Sav. 12/Dec/2009

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Ok here's one that I came up with while trying to find a decent way to create a stand with stuff that's just lying around.

The idea is very simple, use the CD as a flat base and cut out a plastic stand from the CD case and mount it into the base.

Cut the stand part from the case itself using a razor saw. The plastic on these things can be quite brittle so you need to take a bit of care here otherwise it will shatter. Mark out two more parts which are the same width as the base of the stand. These will be clued to the sides of the base for support just above the bottom of the stand so that the center stand slots into the CD base while the outer supports sit just on top of the CD base.

Place the stand on the CD base and use a marker so you have a fair idea where to remove plastic from. I find it easier to use a drill here then a knife to chisel out any left over parts. Only the center stand goes into this slot so make sure it will fit snugly.

Tidy up the parts a little with a file then spray whatever colour you like. If you were really careful while cutting it out you could even leave it transparent however I find black looks pretty good.

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