RSS - Scale Modelers World The Scale Modelers World is an online resource for scale modelers. Here you will find product reviews and articles direct from the workbench. en-nz Scale Modelers World 80 80 Sat, 21 Mar 2009 21:25:29 GMT Trumpeter 1/35 Chinese Type 59 Tank (Early Version) 1/35 Trumpter /articles/the-workbench/trumpeter-1-35-chinese-type-59-tank-early-version-1-35-trumpter.html Sat, 23 Aug 2014 14:52:10 GMT Hasegawa 1/72 Grumman S-2F Tracker (WIP) /articles/the-workbench/hasegawa-1-72-grumman-s-2f-tracker-wip.html I've been working on Hasegawa's Tracker for a while now so figured it was best to upload a few photos as a work in progress. Lots of firsts for me in this build. First using lots of etched detail updated, first try at rigging, and first attempt at making some wing lights. I'll update the article below as I progress. Wed, 12 Jan 2011 02:58:39 GMT Italeri 1/72 f-104G /articles/the-workbench/italeri-1-72-f-104g.html Ok, time to get this one finished, it's been sitting on my bench at 90% for too long. This time it's Italeri's F-104G, another great kit. Wed, 12 Jan 2011 02:32:14 GMT Pro Modellers 1/48 Dennis the Menace /articles/the-workbench/pro-modellers-1-48-dennis-the-menace.html Wed, 23 Jun 2010 23:27:44 GMT Tamiya 1/48 A-1H Skyraider /articles/the-workbench/tamiya-1-48-a-1h-skyraider.html I really enjoyed building this model! There has got to be something said about a quality kit to start with and this one was excellent in all respects. The entire model was built OOTB with the exception of the seatbelts which I scratch built from folded then painted tin foil and #5 fuse wire. Again, a lot of these things I have not tried before and on reflection I think I would try cutt Thu, 17 Jun 2010 23:13:26 GMT Hasegawa 1/48 P-47 Thunderbolt /articles/the-workbench/hasegawa-1-48-p-47-thunderbolt.html This is my second attempt after a break from modeling of some 20+ years. I forgot how relaxing it is! I did a little research on the internet before jumping at this model and was pleasantly surprised at the ease in which it went together. There were a number of reviews that suggested the leading edge of the wing to the fuselage fit was not so great and would require a lot of filling and sanding Thu, 17 Jun 2010 22:54:52 GMT Hasegawa 1/48 RNZAF Skyhawk /articles/the-workbench/hasegawa-1-48-rnzaf-skyhawk.html   The RNZAF A-4F and four TA-4F Skyhawks were purchased by New Zealand in 1970 and saw service in New Zealand until 2002. The New Zealand Air Force was to replace them with the Mon, 14 Jun 2010 21:28:08 GMT Italeri 1/72 A-7E Corsair II /articles/the-workbench/italeri-1-72-a-7e-corsair-ii.html While I'm working on my F-104G and Tracker I thought it would be a good time to upload another older build. Today we have Italeri's old faithful A-7E which is based on the ESCI kit, as many Italeri kits are. Thu, 10 Jun 2010 09:17:19 GMT N/A N/A AirDOC book - LTV A-7D/K Corsair II /articles/news/airdoc-book---ltv-a-7d-k-corsair-ii.html AirDOC have released LTV A-7D/K Corsair II: The 'SLUF' in USAF and USANG Service 1968-1993 (Famous Aircraft of the USAF and USANG). This paperback has 137 pages packed full of all the details any SLUFF lover could ever hope for. I had a brief look through the pages and they all seemed to contain some very nicely detailed full colour photos of internal details and more. It also Thu, 13 May 2010 00:45:37 GMT Academy 1/72 Hawker Tempest V /articles/the-workbench/academy-1-72-hawker-tempest-v.html Time to get something small finished while the big projects get shelved. So I picked up Academy's 72nd scale Tempest for a quick build to be thrown together over a few days. Tue, 27 Apr 2010 10:18:02 GMT N/A N/A Paper Camouflage Masks /articles/tips/paper-camouflage-masks.html Using paper are often a good idea for complex or small camouflage patterns because the paper is easy to cut into the correct shape. Sat, 24 Apr 2010 09:28:18 GMT Revell 1/72 P-26A Peashooter /articles/inbox-kitset-reviews/revell-1-72-p-26a-peashooter.html Lets see how revells little kit stacks up. Fri, 23 Apr 2010 09:57:36 GMT N/A N/A Preshading Your Models /articles/tips/preshading-your-models.html While building Academy's 1/72nd scale Hawker Tempest I thought it would be a good time to perhaps put something up on how I do my preshading. The basic idea of pre shading is to highlight the panel lines in a dark colour before the standard colour is applied. Then the main color is slowly 'layered' ocer the dark lines until the darker lines are only just showing through. Thu, 22 Apr 2010 10:34:25 GMT Airfix 1/24 Mosquito /articles/news/airfix-1-24-mosquito.html Airfix have been taking over 10 months of research on their new 1/24th scale Mosquito and now they are nearing release. The kitset will have around 617 parts when put together will produce a airframe with a wingspan of 688mm and a length of 545mm. This has to be close to the record size for any plastic model aircraft. The Airfix 1/24 Mossie kit can be reportedly built as two ver Thu, 28 Jan 2010 21:17:05 GMT AMT/Ertl 1/72 Kamov /articles/inbox-kitset-reviews/amt-ertl-1-72-kamov.html I'm not so familiar with helicopters so I can't vouch for how accurate this is but the details look really nice. Two sprues of tan coloured plastic are included and one sprue for the clear parts. The parts are well detailed with recessed panel lines and good details. The instructions is one *huge* sheet which folds out, the steps are very clear and easy to follow. There are also Wed, 13 Jan 2010 05:57:18 GMT Kitech 1/72 Beech C-45F Transport /articles/the-workbench/kitech-1-72-beech-c-45f-transport.html The Kit This is Kitechs 72nd scale offering which looks to be quite similar to a Hobby Craft kit which was released some time ago. This is my first Kitech kit and I was quite surprised at the quality which was offered considering how cheap the kit was. The sprues are free from flash and the is some nicely done surface detailing which comes out very nicely. A few of the Mon, 4 Jan 2010 20:46:57 GMT Airfix 1/72 Tornado GR1 /articles/the-workbench/airfix-1-72-tornado-gr1.html Introduction Parts of this kit came free each month on the cover of one of those aircraft magazines, I think it was Take Off magazine. I can't be for certain but the kit looks like an airfix type of kitset. Update: Actually, I think this is an Italeri kit, not an airfix one.   Mon, 14 Dec 2009 02:20:03 GMT N/A N/A Aicraft Stands From old CDs /articles/tips/aicraft-stands-from-old-cds.html Ok here's one that I came up with while trying to find a decent way to create a stand with stuff that's just lying around. The idea is very simple, use the CD as a flat base and cut out a plastic stand from the CD case and mount it into the base. Sat, 12 Dec 2009 08:28:47 GMT Hobbycraft 1/72 SU-22U Fitter /articles/the-workbench/hobbycraft-1-72-su-22u-fitter.html The Aircraft The Fitter is another one of those aircraft that has an aggressive look when seen from various angles. After seeing a few pics of these on the internet somewhere I just had to find myself a 1/72 kit of one. Su-22 is a development of the preceding Su-7 and Su-17 and its Su-20 version, which first entered operational service in 1966. Variable geometry wings permit Tue, 1 Dec 2009 00:58:42 GMT N/A N/A Holding small parts for spraying /articles/tips/holding-small-parts-for-spraying.html Hi guys, this is my first article here so be gentle :) A quick tip for those who like to spray those tiny parts in the smaller scales. I use those small alligator clips to clamp onto a small area of the piece which doesn't need to be sprayed. These come in all different sizes and generally have a tight enough grip to hold the part in place while getting sprayed. For bits like fu Mon, 16 Nov 2009 07:18:21 GMT