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Two Bobs 1/32 A-7E VA-22 Gecko Redcocks

By Sav. 02/Jun/2009

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Sheet 32-034 from Two bobs includes some really cool decals of a very rare paint scheme for the Corsair II. The three tone grey scheme was applied to the boss bird 301 of CDR W.N Roberson "Grits" after Operation Praying Mantis. The other aircraft features a similar type scheme but in three tone tan. This aircraft was also flown by Cdr Grits Roberson, I believe this paint scheme was applied to his aircraft at the end of a previous cruise.

The decals themselves are huge, as one would expect for decals of this scale. They are very nicely printed and would look a treat on the shelf when applied to Trumpeters 1/32nd A-7E Corsair II.

Two Bobs 1/32 A-7E VA-22 Gecko Redcocks Gallery

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Two Bobs 1/32 A-7E VA-22 Gecko Redcocks Comments

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