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Italeri 1/72 Douglas EB 66 E-DL

By Sav. 06/Oct/2009

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Quite a rare kit to find these days, I'm pretty sure that this one is no longer in production by Italeri and is the only game in town if you want to make an EB-66 Destroyer.


Italeri has released two versions of the 1/72nd Destroyer, the B-66B and the EB 66 E-DL which is the subject of this review. Both of the kits are of the same mold with different parts to represent the different versions.


The kits is compromised of 2 light grey sprues and one clear sprue for the one piece cockpit. The surface detail is the same we have come to expect from Italeri with reasonably well done detail and good recessed panel lines.

The kit includes decals for two versions of the EB-66E both of which are in the standard SEA Colour scheme.


  • EB-66E Destroyer - 4417th CCTS, 363rd TRW; Shaw AFB, 1966
  • EB-66E Destroyer - 42nd TEWS, 388th TFW; Korat RTAFB, 1973


The decals are clearly printed but don't include any stencil details so you might want to look for a third party supplier for this.

This is a good looking kit and with a little work could be turned into an excellent example of the Destroyer.

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