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Revell 1/72 F-4F PHANTOM II

By Sav. 28/Mar/2009

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This is Revell's very nice looking addition to their rather small Phantom family in 1/72 scale. As far as I know the only other Phantom they have released is the RF-4E which I have built and is of the same quality as this kit.


The Kit contains 3 light grey sprues for the kit and a single clear sprue for the canopy which is in four parts so the canopy can be built in either the open or closed position.

Similar to their Tornado kits, Revell have included seat and cockpit details that are very nice indeed. The cockpit includes raised details for the various levers and buttons which will show up well with a little dry-brushing.

It seems to be the common belief that the Hasegawa Phantoms are the best of the Phantoms available in 1/72 scale but I've compared this side-by-side to the Hasegawa 1/72 F-4S Phantom II and found that the Revell kit is ever so slightly more crisp in its surface details.

If you like to dangle bits underneath, the kit includes two under wing drop tanks, one centerline drop tank, 4 Sidewinders, 4 Sparrows and one ECM pod.


Decals are included for two versions:

  • F-4F Phantom II, Jubilaumsmaschine 40 Jahre JG 71 "Richtofen", Wittmund 1999 
  • F-4F Phantom II, JG73 "Molders", Neuburg/Donau 1995 

The decals themselves are of a high enough quality and include a decent amount of stencil data to drive you crazy for hours.

If you're after a German phantom then this is the kit to get, or if even if you're after a cheap decent F-4E you might want convert this one rather than pay the cash for a Hasegawa one. If you're after a US Navy/Marine B, N, J or S then grab a Hasegawa one if budget allows, or a Fujimi one which is also very nice.

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