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Improving Clear Parts

By Sav. 20/Aug/2009

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I've only really used this technique on canopies but there's no reason why you couldn't use it on any clear part.

When you get your new kit, the chances are that the canopy has a number of smudges, scrapes and small scratches all of which contribute towards lowering the authenticity of the glass affect.

First you need to give the canopy a decent clean in soapy water to remove any surface dirt or grease. After it's dry you simply submerge the entire canopy in Future (floor polish, or you can use Johnson's Clear, or Klear) Pull it out and place it on a paper towel.

The paper towel will pull any excess future away from the part. You'll need to be quite careful here as you want to remove any build up. I tend to place the canopy in a different position after a few minutes to stop the future from pooling in one part of the canopy.

Once all the excess future is removed you will have a much clearer looking canopy, but you're not done yet.

You now need to place it somewhere to protect it from air particles and dust, while the future it drying it will be a dusk magnet so make sure you place it under a glass cup or somewhere dust free.

I also place mine on a dish wash scrubbing pad. As the future dries it will stick hard to whatever it's sitting on, the scrubbing pad has thousands of small fibers which means less surface area = less stick.

Happy Modeling

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